Our family run chartered accounting and consulting firms were established in 1960. We are proud to already be in the third generation and thankful to have been supported by numerous highly qualified chartered accountants and employees.

Since 1960

The specialist industry knowledge and relentless efficiency must have been known in Kufstein’s business circles, otherwise Jakob Obholzer would not have been contacted by SPAR, where he established and supported the business administration department as of 1960. Service tasks such as payroll accounting and book-keeping for 800 retail businesses were transferred to another subsidiary branch within the company group. Some of the most modern IT systems in Austria were integrated in CENTRA during the course of a decade to capitalize on opportunities, plan better and grow faster. 

Obholzer|Centra - Spar
Obholzer|Centra - Historie Jakob Obholzer
Obholzer|Centra - Historie Beratung


The expansion of chartered tax and corporate services continues, also beyond national borders. The in-house state-of-the-art IT department developed into a service provider for other corporate clients and IT service providers such as IBM, Tyrolit, etc.

Son and future CEO Friedrich Obholzer joins his father’s company in 1979.


As of the 1980s the accountancy and chartered tax services were expanded nationally and internationally. Business consulting was integrated into the service portfolio and part of the international future orientation.

Friedrich Obholzer became one of the youngest qualified chartered accountants ever in the mid-1980s.

Obholzer&Partner - Steuerberater Wirtschaftstreuhänder
Obholzer&Partner - Buchhaltung Steuerberater Wirtschaftstreuhänder
Obholzer&Partner - Christian Dagn Steuerexperte | Tax Specialist
Obholzer&Partner - Christian Dagn Steuerexperte | Tax Specialist


Chartered accounting services were further developed by our in-house IT and programming department in a continuous move to provide the latest technical standards and services to our clients.

The official company handover to Friedrich Obholzer took place in 1992. Friedrich had become an expert while also holding lectures at the German Chamber of Chartered Accountants. 


The newly created law for trusts became part of our highly professional corporate consulting services. Since the legislative inclusion of the trust and foundation law, we have been entrusted with numerous foundation mandates as well as several board functions.

Founder Jakob sadly passed away in 2002 – a particularly valued man in a special firm. In his various controlling and advisory roles, he was a highly valued and sometimes feared personality.

Obholzer&Partner - Christian Dagn Steuerexperte | Tax Specialist
Obholzer&Partner - Friedrich Obholzer Junior

until 2020

Son and grandson Friedrich Obholzer joined the firm in 2015. With his solid training with auditors, chartered accountants, surveyors as well as liquidators, he developed a keen awareness of the professional field. In 2016, he was also granted co-management in all occupational areas. 

Obholzer&Partner - Christian Dagn Steuerexperte | Tax Specialist

the future

Lead by example and value

Our values remain constant. Technically we remain up to date.

Accompany us into the digital world of chartered accountants.

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