Professional Services

Our clients and business partners appreciate us for solid and future-oriented chartered accountancy and corporate consultancy.

We provide vast experience and specialist industry knowledge in all facets of accounting and tax law. We connect and empower entrepreneurs and private individuals through accountancy, audit, tax and business advisory services as well as tax law, corporate law, inheritance law, portio legitima, real estate, investments. 


We are highly regarded for our extensive consulting services. Our portfolio consists of small, medium-sized, large enterprises and freelancers and we are grateful to be entrusted with their private finances as well. A completely bespoke range of services is always at your fingertip fully backed by our philosophy:
„Being human is given. But keeping our humanity is a choice!”


Accounting Services

  • Preparation of financial statements and tax returns
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements according to UGB
  • Tax optimization
    Consulting for freelancers

Business Consultancy

  • Consultancy in business administration
  • Strategic and financial consultancy
  • Strategic planning
  • KPI Analysis

Business Premises / DBA Germany

Business Premises / DBA Germany

  • Support from the foundation of the company to the cessation of business premises, branches and subsidiaries
  • Cross-border accounting
  • Cross-border transfer of residence

Real Estate

Real Estate Taxes

  • Tax and economic consultation on the purchase/sale, investment or withdrawal of real estate
  • Calculation of real estate income tax
  • Calculation of real estate transfer tax and fees
  • Gain calculations for foreign owners
  • Network of notaries and lawyers

Corporate Law

Corporate law

  • Consulting on legal structure
  • Support in business formation
  • Shareholder transfers
  • Support in the creation and amendment of articles of association
  • Crisis advice
  • Network of notaries and lawyers

Family regulation and inheritance law

Family regulation and inheritance law

  • Tax and economic advice in regards to future inheritance regulations as well as in the course of probate proceedings
  • Support in the creation and modification of wills
  • Inheritance and compulsory portion calculations including tax optimization
  • Crisis advice
  • Network of notaries and lawyers

Foundations & Trusts

Foundations & Trusts

  • Tax, economic and organizational support for foundations
  • Trust board activities
  • Handling of trusts
  • Management of investments

Investment and

Investment and financing advice

  • Project financing
  • Structuring of corporate finance
  • Rescheduling of debt
  • Planning calculation / budgeting
  • Financing / leasing


Project Coordination

  • Accompaniment of
  • Property developments
  • Purchase and sale of real estate
  • Investor‘s and buyer search


Corporate Restructuring

  • Business sales and handovers
  • Change of shareholders
  • Change of legal form
  • Restructuring



  • Payroll accounting
  • Representation for tax authorities and social insurance agencies
  • Handling of audits
  • Calculation of severance payments, vacation, overtime and anniversary bonus provisions
  • Optional: digital pay slip (delivery via payroll portal)

Labor and Social Law

Labor and Social Law

  • Utilization of collective labour agreements
  • Employment law matters
  • Employee‘s tax assessments
  • Cross-border commuter regulations
  • Advice on pension and social security matters

Accounting, Controlling

Accounting, Controlling

  • Chartered Accounting
  • Digital Accounting
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Structuring of corporate accounting
  • Strategic Planning Calculations
  • Cost Accounting

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